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If you hear a chirping sound coming from your wheel that changes when you accelerate, it doesn’t mean there.

depending on where the sound is coming from. If the rattle is underneath your car, that.

Your car can vibrate, shake, and create various types of noises for different reasons. One such noise is a rattling noise. If it happens when you accelerate the engine, you can pin down the.

Required: If your car’s owner’s manual (or.

and cause problems like rough idling, acceleration hesitation or engine knock, a rattling sound that occurs when gas ignites prematurely.

I don`t hear the noise, but if I slow to any speed between 15 and 30 m.p.h., then accelerate again, the rattle occurs. I took the car to a mechanic who says the catalytic converter is the cause of.

The ride is very bumpy and there is a rattling noise when going.

When I try to accelerate, perhaps 20 to 30 percent of the time, the car hesitates. The hesitation can be significant, perhaps.

Top 8 Reasons for an ANNOYING Engine Rattle!What’s that sound? Diagnosing common car problems – However, auto mechanic and car enthusiast Roshane.

if the noise is more like a rattle then it’s likely a loose exhaust system or loose brake pads. Noise when accelerating A noise when.

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That’s the feeling, and also kind of the sound, I experienced when.

not exactly what you want from a car that’s capable of such fierce acceleration or one that commands such a high price.

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That would tax any small car, hybrid or not, but the "heinous" noise the Insight makes at wide-open throttle has been well.

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