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He joined the Wyoming National Guard as a captain. He soon secured a job as cashier of the Lander State Bank (now Central Bank and Trust), eventually becoming chairman of the board. On April 18.

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Small Wyoming bank fails – based bank has just one branch, which will reopen Monday as a branch of Central Bank & Trust, which is based in Lander, Wyoming. It was the first bank in that state to fail this year. Central Bank.

Central Bank & Trust based in Lander, Wyoming, agreed to assume the insured deposits of Bank of Wyoming, whose one branch will reopen during normal business hours as a branch of Central Bank & Trust.

The Fed asserts that the bankers obtained commitments from clients of Central Bank & Trust in Lander to move accounts while looking to buy partial stakes in Commercial Bancorp in Pine Bluffs,

Russia Central Bank bails out Trust Bank from bankruptcyBanks that flip: Historical First National Bank of Buffalo now has state charter, new name: First Northern Bank of Wyoming – It was acquired by Central Bank & Trust of Lander. It is cheaper and simpler to be regulated by the Wyoming Division of Banking, First Northern executives said. Wyoming regulators live in Wyoming.

The Steve Pearson Fund is set up to help pay medical expenses at the Central Bank and Trust, 285 Main Street Lander, WY 82520. We have lost a truly unique individual, and this world is going to be a.

The regulatory officials believe Smith and Kiolbasa lifted confidential business information from the Central Bank & Trust of Lander, Wyoming, and strong-armed its customers to move their loan.

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