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NMDA advises firewood buyers to know the law – A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet of wood. It is also commonly seen in a stack of 4-feet wide by 4-feet high by 8-feet long. According to the release, state law also requires the seller to.

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A cord is 128 cubic feet.

wood stove fuel. In addition to safety concerns, consumers should also take into consideration the origin of the firewood they purchase. VDACS recommends buying.

Robert_Finlay: “A bit misleading. 128 cubic feet is the size of the stacked pile, not the cubic feet of wood. Theoretically a round single log, 4′ in diameter, and 8 feet long is a “cord of.

Firewood is measured by the cord, which is 128 cubic feet of wood, stacked neatly into a pile that measures 8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet, with no air in between the pieces. You can expect to pay.

A stacked cord of wood measures 4 feet wide by 4 feet high by 8 feet long and equals 128 cubic feet of wood. It should be stacked evenly and compactly before measuring. A loose thrown cord should.

Q. With our mild winters here, I and some acquaintances depend on our fireplaces for warmth if it does get below 50 degrees. What’s the standard in amount of wood one is to get when ordering a cord?

Firewood is often sold in cords, which is a measurement equal to 128 cubic feet. Some firewood racks list how many cords they.

Cord of wood 2014Make sure it stacks up: Firewood buyers cautioned that a cord must equal 128 cubic feet – Rothwell, who cuts several cords of wood per day working by himself at.

If you stack it up and it comes to 128 cubic feet, that’s a cord." Tremblay said in 30 years he’s never dealt with.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The trick to avoid being burned when buying firewood is knowing exactly what and how much you’re buying. Kelly Chavez, an inspector with the Standards and Consumer Services.

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