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a result of being shot twice by a Centralia officer after he allegedly held a knife to the neck of a 28-year-old teller during Monday’s early morning drama at TwinStar Credit Union. According to.

Man convicted in Centralia credit union robbery case – A jury deliberated for more than three hours Wednesday before finding the man accused of pulling off the failed Jan. 25 TwinStar Credit Union heist.

able to make it to Olympia after hailing.

Michael Anthony Lar, a 57-year-old Seattle man, is being held in the Lewis County Jail on charges of attempting to rob the Centralia TwinStar Credit Union.

that night in Olympia, where he.

The man, arrested Monday night in Olympia, has gunshot wounds to.

The first employee to enter the Centralia branch of the Twin Star Credit union early Monday morning was confronted by a man.

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Olympia-based TwinStar Credit Union will open its first Cowlitz County branch on Nov. 10 inside Wal-Mart on Ocean Beach Highway, the firm announced recently. It’s the 18th branch for TwinStar.

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He was arrested Monday night in Olympia and treated for wounds to.

who had held an employee arriving for work at the TwinStar credit union. She was not hurt. The robber escaped out a window.

An account in the name of Alana Smith has been set up at Twinstar Credit Union, P.O. Box 718, Olympia WA, 98507, Account No. 0000431165.

WA–(Marketwire – 01/13/11) – A bold new consumer promotion titled "Capture The Tag" is the brainchild of O Bee Credit Union, and co-sponsored by O Bee, 94.5 ROXY, The Olympian, TwinStar Credit.

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis announced that Alana Smith’s relatives have set up a fund for her at Twinstar Credit Union, at PO Box 718, Olympia, Wa., 98507. The account No. is.

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