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How to obtain title to a home in your deceased spouse’s name – Q: My wife passed away last year, and she was on the mortgage to the home and on the title to the house deed. I’m not on the mortgage but am on the house deed. Do I have the right to sell the.

You are not protected from foreclosure if the names on your property deed and your mortgage do not match. In fact, if your mortgage lender did not give you express permission for the names to.

What Are the Advantages of Being on the Deed and Not on the MortgageMy wife’s son will never let her see her granddaughter again — unless she gives him $50,000. Should she give in? – My wife’s son will never let her see her granddaughter again — unless she gives him $50,000. Should she give in? ‘Her two adult sons claim that their deceased father had promised them the house would.

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If there were no other complicating factors, there would not be a legal question.

Short answer: Yes, because her name is still on the deed and mortgage. The wife could give up her share.

If you’re a co-borrower on a mortgage loan the lender will usually, but not.

deed. Also, when couples divorce in California, community property is divided by court decision, regardless of whose.

For example, the life tenant can encumber the property by executing a mortgage or name a different remainderman or even convey the property.

I guess the answer to your question is no: Indiana does.


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