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The balance transfer offer and cash rewards program, alone, are best in class, but you get both in one card without having to pay an annual fee. Rating image, 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4.5 stars We want.

The Discover it® Balance Transfer card won.

the first three months of opening the card. It does have a 3% balance transfer fee, but that’s on the low end of standard for most credit cards.

A balance transfer fee of 5% (a minimum of $5.

followed by a variable APR of 15.49% to 25.49% Discover it Cash back Also consider the Discover it Cash back if you want to earn rewards.

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The Chase Freedom credit card is a great no-annual-fee card for earning cash back.

first three months for instant.

Card issuers calculate your credit card balance by adding up any charges you make, along with accrued interest, late payments, foreign transaction fees.

transfer credit card, such as the.

The Discover it® Balance Transfer has two of the three elements of an ideal balance transfer credit card: a $0 annual fee and a 0% introductory APR period for transfers. It does charge a balance.

We factored in each card’s transfer fee, the length of the 0% interest.

Amex EveryDay® Credit Card Runner-Up: Discover it® Balance Transfer Best for Rewards: Citi® Double Cash Card Longest. Selects the Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards – The Best Balance Transfer selection for 2020 is: The Discover it® Balance Transfer.

It does have a 3% balance transfer fee, but that’s on the low end of standard for most credit cards.

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