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One such offering is the Primor® Visa Gold Card by Green Dot, which you can get no matter what type of credit history you.

Your credit history is an important factor issuers consider when you apply for a credit card. But if you’re among the 62 million Americans who, according to Experian, don’t have enough credit.

You can pay taxes with a credit card, but you may also pay processing fees and interest. You can get a credit card with no credit history, but your options are limited.

3 things you should do if you have no credit history – You may have heard the saying, ‘to get credit, you need to have credit’ — which can be pretty frustrating as a credit newbie. Most milestones in life, such as buying a house or leasing a car.

But for a college student or beginner with little to no credit.

challenging to qualify for unsecured cards as a beginner without a lot of credit history. However, an issuer may approve you.

Petal Credit Card Review – It is one of the only cash back cards aimed at consumers with little to no credit history. Moreover, it rewards members for responsible card usage by upping their cash back rate after they make.

Building and maintaining a healthy credit history can be difficult enough.

All this leaves him with no credit cards—just debit. And debit only does so much for your financial health. “That doesn’t.

You don’t need a credit card to start building your credit score — you just need to show the credit bureaus you can make.

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