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When I discuss it with my wife, though, it almost feels like she is using the vasectomy as a measure of my commitment to her.

Yoshihisa Aono, president of software development firm Cybozu Inc., is seeking a change.

legally took his wife’s surname — Nishihata — after marriage, but he uses his pre-marital name.

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Q: I am getting married for the first time. What pieces of my estate planning do I need to change and how quick is the.

The US had 845,000 weddings slated for March through May but the pandemic has prompted disappointment, delays and some.

Especially now, when it can be socially acceptable to change your name to whatever you.

had similar reasons for keeping her name after marriage: "I was in the midst of establishing myself.

What to do After Marriage? & Name Change Process!B.C. opposition pushes for post-nuptial name-change parity – Currently, those wanting to change their names legally after marriage can adopt their spouse.

if you wish to hyphenate your name or combine your two names – basically anything other than.

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If you’ve recently gotten married, there’s a chance you’ll be changing your last name. The same might be true if you’ve recently gone through a divorce. You may also change your name simply because.

BC Liberal MLA Mary Polak is introducing legislation to waive name.

after marriage. “It’s impossible to track. Very often what is happening is people don’t realize they have to legally.

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